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The spintowel® by Drip Accessory, is a two piece towel set for an indoor cycling bike. A slip cover for the handlebars and wiping towel. Both towels are made of durable and high quality cotton terry cloth. Co-founders Dave and Courtney Helm couldn’t find a perfect towel for their spin bike sessions, so they created one for themselves.





When Dave and Courtney contacted the Shopify Experts at Electric Eye, their website was confusing and difficult to navigate. There was no clear picture of what the brand stood for, and didn’t showcase the products in a pleasant way to customers. While conversion rate was still quite high due to their niche products and dedicated buyers, they realized money was being left on the table due to a poor user experience. As ecommerce novices that developed a great product, the founders needed a technological partner to help them navigate and optimize their Shopify site.






"Electric Eye is fully engaged and care deeply for our mission and brand. They are super creative, responsive, and easy to communicate with."

Dave Helm





Electric Eye first worked with Drip Accessory to finalize their company name, logo, color scheme, and other branding materials. With a solid brand and aesthetic direction, we then designed a custom website that focused on easy navigation to their most popular products. Paying close attention to mobile user experience and highlighting professional photography, the website was a much needed upgrade to support their quick growing customer base. In addition to a sleek new website, automated email marketing was implemented to delight current customers and welcome new ones. The increase in sales was felt almost immediately upon launch and sustained through the holiday season. Drip Accessory now has the platform to expand their fitness product offering and sell to spin fanatics around the globe.



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