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Who is Group Partner?

Group Partner makes highly creative ceramics out of their Brooklyn, New York warehouse studio. Founded by Isaac Nichols, their handmade work centers around positive body image, sexuality and a love for plants. Their ‘boob-pot’ is now infamous amongst succulent enthusiasts and interior-design obsessed instagrammers.





When we were introduced to Group Partner, the site was hosted on Squarespace without much product organization and key features like Paypal checkout. We recommended a migration to Shopify and an upgrade to a premium theme template to accompany the brand’s already-cool design aesthetic. Squarespace was holding the brand back from growth through paid social advertising.






"When my company was transitioning from Squarespace to Shopify, Electric Eye took the reins and made the transition fast, smooth and efficient. They were also very knowledgeable with online commerce in general and I have gained significant revenue by following their lead and asking for advice."

Isaac Nichols
Group Partner




What did Electric Eye do?

After migrating the shop, we immediately noticed an uptick in sales and were brought back on to assist on a Facebook campaign for the Holidays. Our marketing efforts in combination with the increased conversion rate led to a company high in online sales.






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