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Who is Tip Top Shoes?

Tip Top Shoes located at 155 West 72nd Street, NYC 10023, was established in 1940. We are currently run under the watchful eyes of the 3rd and 4th generation. We were one of the originators of the Euro Comfort movement in the United States as well as one of the first stores to carry the Mephisto and Ecco brands.





Faced with the choice of upgrading Magento or switching platforms altogether, Tip Top Shoes was at a crossroads for their online business. The complexity of Magento’s backend had been a pain point for the New York institution, with the simplest of tasks requiring a development team and constant follow up. The outdated site was lacking many features that prevented conversion and sales were stagnant. Tip Top wasn’t taking full advantage of their substantial traffic and huge catalog offering. Also, marketing efforts were not aligned due to the focus being shifted away to numerous technological issues.






"Excellent team. They handled the migration from our Magento platform to Shopify seamlessly. Electric Eye is a top Shopify Pro. Anything we asked for was addressed. 'No' is not in their vocabulary."

Mike Dalberg
Tip Top Shoes




What did Electric Eye do?

Electric Eye careful migrated the huge product catalog and customer data from Magento to Shopify. Extra consideration was made to align the data with in-store POS systems and catalog feeds for marketing efforts. The design of the site was modernized with an emphasis on clear navigation, filtering, variant choice, and overall shopability. The built-in checkout solution with Shopify was a clear upgrade from Magento, allowing customers a quick and smooth buying process. Also, the tight-knit team at Tip Top was able to focus on service and marketing, rather than IT and project management.






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