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Shopify Design & Development

As a small growing business, Electric Eye have been fantastic partners for us in improving the user experience on our site and building out custom solutions. They’ve been extremely easy and flexible to work with, and have allowed us to customize our Shopify site to meet our business needs while staying within our budgets.

Allison Gigliotti, Carve Designs


It all began on a surf trip to San Pancho, Mexico for two friends, Jennifer Hinton and Thayer Sylvester. As the two lounged in a hammock waiting for the waves to roll back in, they lamented how hard it was to find boardshorts that could keep up with them – real women with real bodies and a real passion for adventure. And just like that, Carve Designs was born. Carve Designs' styles represent the spirit of the founders: fun-loving, hardworking, confident, and inclined to get where they want to go.

The Problem

Carve Designs sells swimwear, which can be a tricky item due to sizing, leading to a higher volume of returns than an average store. They were experiencing an increased number of customer requests mostly regarding sizing and style choice. Customers also experienced difficulty unsubscribing from the home mail order catalog, leading to more customer service calls. Lastly, customers had no way of viewing bikini tops and bottoms together on one single product page, technology that some of Carve Designs' competitors already had in place.

The Problem

The Solution

Electric Eye supported Carve Designs with custom Shopify development that helped increase sales by 99% over the previous year. We implemented additional features that helped customers find their style using a quiz, and developed a custom bikini builder. The fully responsive Bikini Builder helped customers view and buy tops and bottoms together on the same ‘product’ page using a custom collection. We also customized an unsubscribe form for the mail order catalog to streamline customer requests. Electric Eye consulted on numerous features such as Automated Email Marketing and took action when necessary to help out with UX and conversion rate optimization.

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