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Electric Eye extends what our small team can do and focuses on things that we're not well versed in. Overall, we have such a better handle on our website, we know that our customers are getting the best experience thanks to our collaboration.

Julia DeNamur Bishop, Associate Creative Director


Made Modern was born through the belief that creativity is in everyone; all we need is a little inspiration to spark the joy of being makers. Initially focused on products for children that promote self-expression and creativity with an emphasis on open-ended play, Made Modern has since broadened their scope, carefully designing products to bring every generation of crafters together to celebrate their unique imagination.

The Problem

Made Modern has seen significant shifts in business over the past few years to which many online merchants can relate. In Spring of 2020, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Made Modern was having issues with internal bandwidth. With major shifts toward consumers shopping online coupled with products perfectly geared toward lockdown DIY activities, simply keeping up with the increase in business was a task. The team needed assistance in launching a custom subscription service while also focusing on making instrumental changes to an outdated, slow premium theme with a heavy reliance on apps which were impacting site performance.

Additionally, with threats of legal action, accessibility concerns emerged as a priority along the way.

As consumer patterns normalized after the pandemic abated, Made Modern needed further pointed, strategic assistance in optimizing their user experience while also providing compelling offers and sales motivators.

The Problem

The Solution

Electric Eye has collaborated with Made Modern to realize their goals through the shifting online consumer landscape. Working as an extension of the Made Modern team, Electric Eye was instrumental in the launch and maintenance of their custom subscription service during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Made Modern team has also relied heavily on Electric Eye to implement tactical solutions to accessibility concerns as well as analyze store data to find and implement the most impactful theme optimizations. Reducing the reliance on apps such as page builders and functionalities having a severe, negative affect on page speed, Electric Eye was able to implement custom page templates and solutions to improve performance. Thorough audits of the user experience through scroll maps, heat maps, analyzing user sessions and Google Analytics data, Electric Eye has aided in finding and addressing the top priorities to ensure customers are able to navigate the site efficiently and find the products they want.

Notable strategic updates include:

  • Reworking the add to cart flow by adding a side cart to keep users shopping instead of redirecting to a cart page
  • Implementing a free shipping progress bar to motivate higher cart values
  • Adding collection page add to cart buttons for a quicker shopping experience
  • Creating an auto-scrolling announcement bar to effectively display multiple promotional messages
  • Improving collection page filter & sort UX to help users find product faster
  • Moving mobile search out of the mobile menu and accessible with a single click

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