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We’re so happy with our new website! It is extremely fast, converts well, and not to mention gorgeous. Thanks Electric Eye!

Cindy Au, Owner


Simple & Dainty is a sustainable jewelry brand committed to handcrafting dainty & minimal jewelry that's perfect for everyday wear without breaking the bank. They strive to create essential layering pieces with classic & timeless designs. It started as a small project to create dainty pieces for friends, family, and owner Cindy Au herself. Over the past years, it started growing more than she had ever imagined!

The Problem

Simple & Dainty was experiencing steady growth using a premium theme on Shopify, but there was still something missing. They had hit a wall with the capabilities of their theme and what they could customize. Their ambitions were to have a professional website that could compete with the big players in the direct-to-consumer jewelry industry. They had never gone through a complete branding and website design exercise and didn’t quite know where to begin. In a saturated market, Simple & Dainty was doing well, but blending in a bit more than they were standing out.

The Problem

The Solution

Electric Eye partnered with Simple & Dainty to create a completely custom website experience. Using our proprietary theme design system, we were able to build a high-performing and beautiful storefront for the modern age. Starting with a branding exercise, we set the tone for the aesthetic feeling of the brand. Taking inspiration from top ecommerce sites, we provided features that intend to increase conversion rate and average order value. Even though the look of the site is unique to the brand, it’s flexible and auto-administrable for the client to make changes on the fly. Simple and Dainty had a vision for their new online home and were willing to make an investment in Electric Eye to make it come to life. The results sparkle just like their jewelry.

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