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It's a stress relief working with an industry expert that removes technology constraints, allowing for more exciting future projects to take place. We are seeing steady growth, steady sales, and way better UI performance with our new website.

Tom Barry, General Manager


Westside Barbell is an invitation only training laboratory where only the strongest of mind and body survive. Their goal is simple. To become the best and push every boundary known to man in doing so.

The lineage and achievements of all Westside Barbell athletes who have walked through the chalky doors is legendary. The gym has broken over 140 world records, won olympic gold, and earned heavyweight world championships to name but a few achievements.

WSBB's education is based on theoretical research and is backed by practical application. They believe that training information should filter down from the athletes at the the top rather than spew out from the keyboard heroes at the bottom.

The Problem

Westside Barbell was experiencing growing interest in their apparel and educational products after increased exposure and notoriety. Their website was outdated, not optimized for mobile users, and couldn't keep up with growing demand. Westside Barbell wasn't only selling t-shirts and they had some difficulty conveying the value and breadth of their educational certificates and training materials. They simply did not have an ecommerce technology partner that could keep up with trends and best practices to help capitalize on their opportunities.

The Problem

The Solution

Electric Eye worked closely with Westside Barbell to create a custom Shopify Plus theme design. The new framework was focused on speed and performance to help raise conversion rates and sales. The site navigation was completely reworked and simplified, especially for the growing number of mobile users. Extra detail was put into Educational products to make sure customers knew what they were buying. Overall the quality of their products now matched the look and feel of their website with a high-end experience. Additionally, there was an overhaul of their Automated Email Marketing to restructure the unique communication touch points with customers and an elevated look and feel to match the new website design. Always one to be a step ahead of their competition inside the gym and out, Westside Barbell now has a unique online experience that is often imitated but never duplicated.

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