Ecommerce Marketing

A conversion-focused marketing strategy will help propel your brand forward and hit those ambitious sales goals.

Electric Eye will build your online business a marketing system that works.

Smart marketing for Shopify Stores

What We Offer

Tried & true marketing systems that drive traffic, increase sales and gain customers. 

Who We Are

Electric Eye are ecommerce professionals and Shopify Experts that want to help you build a conversion optimized online store.

How We Help

We partner with brands like yours to save them time and build systems that work.

What should you expect?

More Traffic

Increased sessions on your online store is the first step to growing your top line. 

More Customers

Strategically convert new visitors from anonymous traffic to customer.

More Sales

Smart marketing will increase your online stores sales. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guarantee results?

No. But you should be wary of anyone who does. There are factors that are out of everyone’s control. What we can do is extrapolate from available data.

What platforms can you help me on?

At this time we only offer managed marketing for Facebook Ads and Google Ads. Facebook owns Instagram, it's the same network. 

How do you bill?

We charge a flat fee vs 20% of your media spend.

Will you consider a performance based payment structure?

Unfortunately, that’s not a viable business model for us right now.

How long does it take to see returns?

Honestly, it really depends. We strive for quickest results. We say 3 months is the minimum timeline it takes to collect solid data for any meaningful assessment.

Can I afford managed marketing?

Unless you're funded, you should be a $250k+ business for this type of engagement.

Do I have to pay for additional software?

We recommend a solid feed software for optimal results. It's not very expensive. 

Do I have to use a credit card?

Yes, in order to place your ad spends, you’ll need to use a credit card.

Can I reimburse you for ad spends?

Unfortunately, no. We link your credit card so you can directly pay for ad spends.

Do you build marketing funnels?

Short answer is yes but this is a very open ended question. Contact us and we’d be happy to help.

Client Testimonials

Before working with Electric Eye our ad strategy and practices were a complete mess. They were able to help restructure our strategy and implement best practices that have put us on track to the most profitable year in the history of our company.

Alex Lira

Absolute Merch

The team at Electric Eye demonstrated exemplary professionalism while working with us to implement the automated email marketing program. They are also very honest and great communicators. I highly recommend working with them.

Tom Kunash


Case Studies

Only NY

Helped streetwear brand achieve 15x average return with Facebook Ads and increase online sales by 45%.

West NYC

Design and Marketing for Upper West Side Sneaker Retailer that led to a 52% increase in total sales.

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