A Little About Our Approach

Every business is unique, and your business is no exception. There is no such thing as a simple project, so we spend the time up front to do things right. While our process is very structured, Electric Eye creates solutions that are custom tailored to meet the needs of your online business. By following this process, we can deliver projects on time and within budget.

Our approach is rooted in our 4-D process, which breaks the project down into milestones with concrete deliverables across four phases, with each having specific goals.


This is where Electric Eye learns as much as we can about your business and your industry. The first part is our discovery questionnaire, designed to extract all the key information we need to know about your business. Next, Electric Eye will conduct an exploratory meeting called the kickoff call to review the goals, objectives and measures of success for the project. The kickoff call also serves to review the timeline and deliverables, identify and assign tasks, review requirements and gain clarity on outstanding questions to proceed into the define phase. From this data & our kickoff call we begin to formulate the project.

During our discovery phase, Electric Eye will work with you to define the requirements for your specific project. While tedious, this phase is the most important. We will attempt to leave no stone unturned during the define stage. A final scope of work document will details all the features and functions to be included in your website.

01 Scope Of Work
02 Sitemap
03 Wireframes

Note: If a client request is not accounted for in these documents, it is generally considered ‘outside of scope’ and will be addressed after the original scope is complete for an additional cost.


Using the wireframes created in the Define stage as a springboard, we complete the final design with your assets and unique branding.. Not only does the Design phase of the project finalize the look and feel, but it showcases your websites unique functionalities and how they relate to user experience. All website designs are user-friendly, engaging, fully responsive & designed to be optimized on mobile. Electric Eye will provide two rounds of client reviews and revisions.

01 Digital Style Guide via Sketch File (or similar)
02 Final Website Design via Sketch File (or similar)

Note: If it is not shown on the design, it is generally outside of scope.


Electric Eye takes your sexy new website design and makes it actually work with code. Our development team will set up the development environment, integrate all the features and perform rigorous quality assurance.

01 Custom Shopify Theme

Note: There will be no changes made to the design or scope during development.


This is by far the most exciting phase. This is when we "go live" or launch the site. Electric Eye will work with you on the right time to debut our masterpiece to the world.

01 Site Launch
02 Training

Note: All originally scoped features come with a 90 day “warranty” from Electric Eye. That is, we’ll fix anything that’s “broken” within 90 days of our final round of Quality Assurance. If you request new functionality, we can quote that separately as a separate project.


Okay, so we said there were only five parts to our process, but there's always more. We offer ongoing support for our clients through development and marketing services. We truly want to be your partner and help you grow. We're here for you and your online business after the project is technically complete.

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