Strategy Workshop by EE

The first step in a successful project is to clearly identify your goals. We’d love to hit the ground running, but first we need to learn more about your business and its unique challenges. 

With our Strategy Workshop, Electric Eye will collaborate with you to come up with the exact plan to achieve your goals and create your blueprint for success. This will result in clear timelines and a structured investment so you never have to worry about hidden fees or surprise invoices.

At Electric Eye, we scrutinize the tiniest details about your company, products and future goals to formulate a meticulously tailored success strategy.

Next Steps

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Pay for the workshop using the form found below
  2. Review & sign our Master Services Agreement
  3. Review & sign our new client welcome documentation
  4. Answer our questionnaire
  5. Schedule the workshop

You should set aside at least 30 minutes to complete these steps. We’ve found that when clients provide more thoughtful answers on the questionnaire, it results in a more successful workshop.



How Does it Work?

Together we are going to write the plan for success. 

  1. Learn
    Before we dive into strategizing, we need to know what your business is all about and what the goals are. We request a lot of information up front. Our team will review the answers to establish a fundamental understanding of your business.
  2. Clarify
    Once we have collected all the relevant information, it's natural that we have a few clarifying questions to ask. This helps ensure we are all on the same page. We find clarity through our workshop and begin to formulate a plan. 
  3. Plan
    We put our heads together and begin to establish a plan. Once we determine the possibilities, we stitch together a comprehensive approach that's feasible in terms of time, budget, and expectations.

How much does it cost?

First, we like to consider the Strategy Workshop an investment and not a cost. For an all-inclusive fee of $4,000 you will get an effective strategy tailored specifically for your business. 


Couldn't I get a free estimate from one of Electric Eye's competitors?

We are sure you can get a free estimate elsewhere, but you should keep in mind that a free product is not always a good product. Our service gets you the best solution tailored for your business. Estimates are easy and cheap to find and some agencies can provide you with one. However, what you need is a solution specifically strategized and developed so you can achieve your business goals within the constraints of time and financial budget.


How long will it take?

Our workshop is time-boxed to 3 hours, which means we must be efficient and deliver solutions in a specified period of time. It cuts down time consumed in unnecessary future meetings.


Will we experience 'analysis paralysis'?

While we understand the concern, diligent and detail-oriented planning and strategy has nothing in common with over-analysis. In fact, taking time up front enables you to execute your plans quickly, smoothly and affordably.


I already have the solution, can you just execute my project?

In today's fast paced business world, trends, tools and metrics of performance and quality evolve really quickly. If we are going for the best solution, we need to cut down the number of assumptions and rely on what we actually know for sure to be successful.

We’ve often found that our clients who already have a solution greatly benefit from our input. Discovery can turn your solution into a leaner and highly cost effective proposition for a nominal investment.

Can you just tell me the cost of the entire project without the Workshop?

We can give a ballpark number, but we simply can't tell you how much a project will cost without due diligence. It is necessary to study your business and goals to develop an effective solution. Without it, we would simply be guessing.


Can’t you just compare the costs of a similar project? 

Yes, there are some similarities between businesses, especially if they belong to the same industry, but we have found that every company is fundamentally different in terms of goals, budgets and cultures. That’s why we can’t give a 'guesstimate'.