Shopify Premium Theme Setup Electric Eye
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Shopify Premium Theme Setup

A custom website is not the answer for everyone. Save time and money by choosing a premium theme from a trusted Shopify developer to give your website an instant upgrade. Premium themes come fully equipped with beautifully designed features that will help tell your story and increase conversions. Stop leaving money on the table, and let the experts at Electric Eye help you get setup the right way.

Our Shopify Premium Theme Setup service is designed for businesses already utilizing Shopify, but looking to raise the bar. Whether you feel your Shopify store is ill-suited to showcase your product or you’re just looking for a fresh redesign, we can help. A new theme can improve navigation, product pages, trust factors, and much more.

Shopify Themes

Electric Eye is a team of Shopify Experts and we specialize in delivering intuitive, visually striking web designs that are optimized for any web browsing experience. With our Shopify Premium Theme Setup, we’ll rid your webstore of inherent obstacles in the aesthetics and navigation that have plagued your online business. We’ll leave you with a well-designed, organized site that will get your customers’ attention and direct them to the product they want, with the result of converting more sales.

Premium themes have been rigorously tested for quality assurance. If you don’t have custom needs, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. You can save all of the extra time and expense in custom development by using these templates that have been designed for a wide array of products from industries of all sorts. The look and feel will be all your own - personalized for your brand, but with the benefit of all the grunt work taken care of and all of the kinks already worked out.

The opportunities are vast with Shopify’s themes, but tackling it alone or without the right guidance can be a daunting task. There is no reason why you should run the risk of investing in a theme that’s a bad fit for your brand. You shouldn’t have to fumble through a setup process that can be confusing. Luckily, you don’t have to face any of those risks. Our familiarity with Shopify theme setups makes our experience accessible to you for managing the process and ensuring it is done efficiently and to your liking.

Our experienced team will be able to assist you in selecting a premium theme that fits your brand and sales objectives. From there, we’ll skin the website to make it unique with your logo, products, photography, and any other assets. If your navigation flow needs an overhaul, we will have improvements with your customers in mind.

Shopify Premium Themes

 We understand the urgency in getting your webstore up to par, helping you to begin capitalizing on your new website quickly. We’ve structured this service to expedite the process and deliver a new theme setup on a realistic timeline that will meet your needs. Of course, there are some big decisions to consider along the way that really can impact your business - something we never want to rush our customers through. We’re committed to providing you with the best service, done right, at the fastest we can.

The Shopify Premium Theme Setup is $2995 and does not include the cost of the theme itself. If you’re ready to take your Shopify business to the next level, we’re ready to lend our expertise to help you see the growth and success your brand deserves.


Shopify Premium Theme Setup Electric Eye
Regular price
$3,500.00 investment

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