Shopify Expert Retainer
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$2,000.00 investment

Shopify Expert Retainer

Hiring for your marketing team can be daunting, and costly if you hire wrong. According to, entry level Digital Marketing Managers start around $60,000/year and scale up to Chief Marketing Officers at $170,000/year.

Meanwhile, we’ve already built that infrastructure for ourselves. Electric Eye has a growing team of smart, passionate and effective marketers that can join your team starting at just $1,000/month.

Why hire full time digital designers, marketers, and developers in-house when you can put the experts at Electric Eye on your team?
Our retainers are designed to offer strategic eCommerce consulting and fast implementation to meet your online business objectives.

We will collaborate to present you with the immediate, quick “wins” and key future projects that will enhance your eCommerce presence.  

Get your business to the next level with our eCommerce strategy consulting, and the added benefit of turning that strategy into actionable Shopify Simple Tasks.

What is a Shopify Expert Retainer?
You get the Electric Eye team as a resource focusing their attention on your business for a fixed-monthly price. How you choose to utilize our team is somewhat open-ended, but we make sure to proactively task for ourselves so you're always getting the value for our service.

How does it work?
Instead of putting out fires, work on growing your business and let us worry about your Shopify store. We'll connect bi-weekly, outline tasks, and execute them for you. Some clients prefer to not get on the phone and just submit their requests online; we are equipped to streamline our correspondence.

Our retainer services are custom scoped for your unique business. We are adept at discovering areas of opportunity to implement improvements in appearance and functionality. We carry out these improvements through Shopify Simple Tasks.

Total transparency in the associated costs are only the retainer fee, any additional tasks, and marketing ad spend. There are no other hidden fees, although further projects may naturally arise during our relationship, which we will scope and quote accordingly.

What are the benefits of a retainer?
Your Shopify store will constantly be improved. Your marketing campaigns will be executed on your behalf. Let us help take tasks off your plate so you can focus on the bigger picture. We find that the clients we work with on retainer show the largest business growth.

Overall, we find the retainer relationship to be highly beneficial in achieving online sales goals. We view it as a long term strategy in making sure a website is optimized, then sending qualified traffic to increase conversion rates. Rely on us as your digital team to guide you through the steps toward building your perfect online business.

What's the catch?
There is no catch. Fixed pricing means no surprise invoices. We let you know if you've hit your limit on tasks for that month. Better yet, if you need an extra task on a busy month, it's just a simple $95 more. We also permit scaling up or down between tiers if you find yourself needing more or less tasks.

All of our Expert Retainers require a 3 month commitment to get everything set up and working smoothly. After this, we are happy to go month-to-month. We ask for this time commitment to ensure proper assessment of the data for campaigns and tasks we implement.

Our Shopify Expert Retainer is our most popular and valuable retainer, great for business owners that want to invest in their eCommerce growth.

All of our retainers require 3 month commitment, and then we're happy to go month-to-month afterwards. We pride ourselves on transparent pricing. No lengthy contract commitments, no hourly rates, and best of all, no hidden fees. Simply add Shopify Experts to your team for a fraction of the cost of an in-house hire.

Why A Retainer Is Good For clients:

  • Working with someone who already understands your brand saves time and leads to better content.
  • You have priority access to an agency you trust, and don’t need to worry about whether they’ve already booked another project when you need them.
  • Booking time in advance saves money, compared to budgeting projects one at a time.
  • It’s easier to integrate a single agency’s projects into your larger marketing strategy.
  • A longer-term relationship supports experimentation and optimization.
Shopify Expert Retainer
Regular price
$2,000.00 investment

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