3 Tips to Improve Your Product Page

If you're running an online store, having a solid product page will be the deciding factor as to whether or not your store will be successful. Anyone can throw product up on a website, but selling it is an entirely separate task. Make the decision for your customers easier by answering all of their questions up front. Decribe your product in detail, don't use generic terms. Having awesome photography makes a big difference too. Here are a few tips to improve your product page.

Awesome Product Description

When it comes to describing your products, be descritptive. Your customer wants to know every little detail before they purchase. When writing your description, you should put yourself in the customer's shoes. Think of all the details you would want to know and write them up in a couple paragraphs. Be descriptive, not generic. Avoid using phrases like “high quality material.” Instead write about the features of the product and explain why they are valuable.

It's okay to use bullet points, because for some people they can be easier to digest than paragraph copy. Some of the biggest players in the game use a couple sentences, then a list of highlights to describe features, fabric contents, measurements, and more.

nike product description seo

Use Better Pictures

Hire a photographer to come in and take high quality photos of all your products. Each product should have a couple different types of shots:

Flat Product Photography

Flat photography is easy to do and can be done pretty much anywhere. Get yourself a white backdrop and some lights and take a few photos. Flat photography is used to show the details of the products. Be sure to include shots of all sides and little details. Heres an example of good flat product shots:

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography is used to show customers what it will look like being used. If you’re selling t-shirts, grab a model and style an outfit that focuses on the shirt. Make sure the photos are representative of your brand. Here are a few examples of lifestyle photography that we think are solid:

outdoor voices

Use Video

Using video really shows what the product is all about. Videos show the functionality of the product and how it will look like when being used. By utilizing video for product images, there is an extra layer of proof that your product is real and worth buying.

Having a solid product page is the first step to selling more products. Describe your products in detail and tell your customers what to expect when they buy your stuff. Invest in good photography that shows what your products all about. Use flat photography to show off the details and lifestyle photos to show what it looks like in use. Using video takes your description to the next level. Showing the product in use gives your customer reassurance that your product is worth buying.