Migrations To Shopify

Move With Confidence.

Moving your online store to Shopify provides amazing opportunities to help you manage and grow your online business. What you may not realize is that migrating platforms isn’t simple. But there’s some good news: Electric Eye can seamlessly guide you through the process and the payoff is worth it.

There are some key considerations you'll need to note before making the switch: Store data, SEO implications, your store setup, and UX design.

  • Existing Store Data

    Preserving your existing store data will be crucial. This can include everything from your product catalog and customer data to your order history and shipping information. We've moved the most complicated data from platforms like WooCommerce, Squarespace, Magento, Salesforce, and more.

  • SEO Implications

    When a migration goes wrong, one of the biggest issues that can occur is the permanent loss of existing page rankings and visibility in search engine results. This leads to a significant drop in web traffic and negatively affects sales. Our process circumvents this often overlooked pitfall.

  • Store Setup

    We ensure your store is set up properly and efficiently from the start. Our team has successfully set up many Shopify stores for established brands. We can guide everything from creating your development store to adding your branding and setting up your payment and shipping options.

  • UX Design

    Electric Eye implements designs with ecommerce UX best practices to help convert online shoppers. We create unique, engaging designs that resonate with your target audience and assist in tailoring your navigation to your customer needs. Any necessary functionalities to maximize the experience will be added with the technologies best suited for your store.

Matrixify Experts

We are official partners with Matrixify, the best migration app available on Shopify.

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