Preferred Partners

Electric Eye has a close relationship with the best apps and agencies in the Shopify ecosystem.

  • Shopify Plus is making enterprise ecommerce simple by providing high growth and high volume merchants multi-channel commerce software without the headaches.

  • Turn your ecommerce data into revenue with personalized multi-channel marketing campaigns and automations.

  • The leading subscriptions payments platform designed to help brands turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers.

  • Use Heatmaps, Recordings, Surveys, Feedback & User Testing To Understand Your Customers.

  • Easily create customizable gift cards, giftable subscriptions, and giftable products for your store.

  • Loop helps Shopify's best brands optimize return costs, retain more revenue, and prevent return losses.

  • With Matrixify, you can easily manage Shopify store data by importing & exporting Excel and CSV files in bulk.

  • Tydo is a business intelligence platform for ecommerce brands, retailers, and agencies that aggregates your data into simple, actionable reports.

  • Gather more reviews & display them everywhere that matters. For products worth talking about.

  • Triple Whale is the Smart Data Platform. Manage analytics, attribution, and creative for your Shopify store in one place.

  • Rewind automatically backs up your store so you can recover with just a few clicks. It’s like having a magic undo button in case of human error, app integration issues, malicious attacks, and more.

  • Gorgias is the one-stop shop for customer support. Collect customer conversations from every channel (email, chat, phone, etc.) into one dashboard and streamline your tickets.