Shopify Diagnostic

You're already missing out on sales.

Many Shopify merchants believe their stores could be better, but they don’t know what to change. We created our Shopify Diagnostic service to solve that.

The goal of our Shopify Diagnostic service is to clearly identify where you can see improvement to your Shopify store. We're going to audit the front end and back end of the store, looking specifically at the user experience, the theme performance, and the chosen apps.


What's Included?

  • User Experience Audit

    By examining the overall design of your store and implementation of features, we will indicate areas of opportunity where customers may be getting stuck or experiencing friction.

    In addition to finding problem areas, we also identify ideas that may have not been considered.

    With the results, you'll have a clear idea of which areas of your user experience need improvement.

  • Site Performance Audit

    We'll dive into your store's theme code to identify areas that could be causing performance issues and slowing down your site.

    By identifying any culprits impeding your site's performance, you'll have a good understanding of how optimizing your theme and apps can achieve a faster site speed. A faster site leads to an efficient shopping experience for your customers.

  • App Audit

    During our app audit, we analyze the apps installed on your store. With our expertise, we can recommend better or more performant apps as replacements, advise on deleting any unnecessary apps, and identify opportunities to custom code solutions.

    The goal is to optimize the store's performance by lowering reliance on apps to increase page speed. This also helps to eliminate recurring fees.

Need an outside perspective on Shopify store improvements?