5 Spots To Upsell on Your Shopify Store

We talk about upsells and cross-sells quite a bit, but that's because we constantly see merchants not taking advantage of the sweet opportunity to raise AOV and Conversion Rate. 

Here are 5 places you could and should be upselling:

  1. Product Details Page (PDP) - Add recommended products (goes with, you may also like etc.) right on the product page to sell complimentary items. Customize and use algorithms to create more relevant pairings.

  2. Popup - Trigger a popup after add to cart to capture customers full attention with an offer they can't refuse.

  3. Cart and/or Side Cart - Use this prime real estate to suggest the perfect items or discounts. A great opportunity before checkout to incentivize with free shipping or gift with purchase when they add another item to the cart.  

  4. Checkout - Here, customers make their final decisions, calculate totals and commit to the purchase. It's your last chance before they pull the trigger to upsell, but be careful not to distract them from the end goal!

  5. Post-Purchase - This is a really cool one, since you already have an order in hand. Dangle a great offer to add an item with one click and watch that AOV pop with minimal risk to the user experience. 

There are a few ways to get these upsells implemented on your Shopify store. Trusted apps like Aftersell or Rebuy are one route, with custom development right on your pdp, cart, or checkout pages being another. Apps are quick to setup, but come with a monthly and/or revenue-based fee. Custom development can take a little longer to carry out and be more expensive up front, but you avoid extra recurring fees. 

Need help implementing these tactics? Contact us at Electric Eye to help drive more sales!