Increase Conversions By Accepting More Payment Gateways

I was scrolling through Instagram the other day and came across a camera bag that I thought was pretty cool. It had room for two cameras, a handful of lenses, and little SD card holder. It was stylish but not too bulky. It also had a built in battery that I could use to charge my phone while I travel. It was a little on the expensive side, but, it was perfect. I decided that I wanted it. After adding the bag to my cart I realized they only accepted payments through PayPal. I do not use PayPal that often and I did not have my credit card setup. In my mind, I said I would come back and finish the transaction later.

It’s been almost a week and I still haven’t bought it. I still like it, but after some more though, I don't need it. If they would have made it easier for me to pay, I probably would have bought it right then.

Imagine this story with your Shopify store. We recommend turning on all the ways to pay, because why not? Acquiring a new customer is worth more to your business than a few percentage points of a transaction fee. At minimum, your store should accept the following payment gateways.

payment gateways

Shopify Payments

This is the native payment processing option to Shopify sites. It is simple to setup and accepts all major credit cards. Shopify Payments also provides real time analytics and customer information so you can know how you’re doing and where you stand with your customers. Shopify Payments has different package options so you can pick which one fits your business. Shopify Payments also has some of the best rates out there. For more information, click here: Shopify Payments

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is great to capture those mobile shoppers who want to scan their thumb and be done with it. Apple Pay integrates easily into your Shopify site and is a great addition to have. Apple Pay recognizes when someone comes to your site from their Apple device and only pops up for those users. It makes your checkout a breeze and gives your customers a great experience. Learn more about it here: Apple Pay on Shopify


Paypal is the original online payment processing platform, so it is always a solid choice. It is one of the most used payment gateways on the internet and is natively offered on Shopify. When you create your account you are automatically signed up for Paypal. Learn more about Paypal for Shopify here: Paypal for Shopify


Amazon payments is the new guy on the block. But, who doesn’t have an Amazon account? With Amazon seemingly taking over everything on the internet, it is no surprise that they are now offering their customers a way to pay with their accounts anywhere on the internet. Amazon Pay integrates easily into shopify sites and offers a competitive processing fee for your transactions. Learn more about Amazon Pay for Shopify here: Amazon Pay and Shopify

Take a few extra minutes and setup the popular payment gateways on your site. Doing so will ensure that you don’t miss any sales when you already have them on the hook. There are many other payment gateways on top of what we mentioned above.

Here is a full list of gateways that will work on your Shopify site: Payment Gateways on Shopify