How to exclude recent buyers from seeing your Facebook & Instagram Ads

Sometimes it doesn't make sense to show your ads to people who have recently bought from you. Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are a perfect example of a situation that could benefit from exclusion audiences.

Creating an exclusion audience to block these people from seeing your ads will save you money on ad spend. Also, as an added bonus, it has the potential to save you time dealing with customer service emails for price adjustments and unnecessary returns.

Creating an exclusion audience is very simple. You’re actually just creating a normal custom audience, but using it to exclude people instead of including them.

First, you want to log into business manager, click the hamburger icon and then Audiences.

Click on Create Audience

Click on Custom Audience

Click on Website Traffic

Click on All website visitors to bring up the dropdown, and select Purchase

Then name it and press Create

And you’re done! You’ve created your custom audience, now you just need to exclude it when you’re building out the ads.

Exclude A Facebook Audience

I hope you learned from this simple Facebook ad hack. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email. Good luck to everyone on their Black Friday & Cyber Monday campaigns!