Top 5 Ways to Promote Your Shopify Store

Today we are surrounded by a flood of marketing ideas and strategies. It's no wonder that often times it becomes an uphill climb to narrow down what actually carries importance for the business and can provide some valuable insight in terms of how customers and potential customers are responding to your product and marketing endeavors. You have to put all the information you gather into perspective to be able to glean the key insights that you actually need.

Marketing plan

It is not only about finding the right marketing plan but assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of all the financial and human resources you've invested in your campaigns. This practice allows you to equip yourself and those who are in charge with the most valuable information that further enables you to make informed decisions. That’s why nailing your marketing strategy is of crucial significance. The fundamentals are as follows:

1. Offer Deals Regularly

There are several ways to entice shoppers and draw them to your store. The more effective ones include the usage of attractive deals like promo codes enabling your customers to buy your products at highly affordable prices. You can choose to take advantage of special occasions such as the holidays or any other national event to offer lucrative discounts.

Broadly speaking, you don’t even need a reason to offer promotions. You can do this anytime you want provided that you remind shoppers that these deals are temporary and won’t last forever. The urgency and the fear of missing out make a significant on buying decision of your customers helping you to increase your revenues.

2. Create Captivating Content

Content is the key to popularizing your online presence. An ecommerce brand can never secure its customer base without engaging content that lures them in. Everything that you write needs to be captivating, precise, informative and easy to understand. The same should be the case when delivering your content visually. Every imagery and theme incorporated in your content needs to be appealing.

create captivating content

Normally online users tend to stream through the Internet and only pause when they see something extraordinary. Only then they spare some time to go through the content of the site. This is why visuals can have such a huge impact for your ecommerce brand.

3. Cooperate With Influencers

The internet is packed with influencers of many kinds ranging from journalists, bloggers, vloggers, and entrepreneurs. Their influence and reach goes far and wide in the digital landscape in terms of followers and niche audiences which is why they make for a valuable resource for businesses operating online.

Much like celebrity endorsements, the support or endorsement of these influencers can accelerate the growth and word of mouth popularity of your online store. It is a clever strategy to maintain some form of contact with influencers and send them a sample of your product. If they appreciate your work enough, they will give you a mention on their channel. You will see a spike in traffic on your site and give you a seal of approval from experts. One shout out is all you need to get to the desired number.

4. Send Reminders

Everyone wants their online presence to be well-known. They send out newsletters that introduce their brand and showcase their products with persuasive content. It is strongly recommended that you send reminders to your potential clients especially when it comes to exclusive offers via email. Email marketing is still a thing and tends to get more of a response than other reminders.

email marketing

It is best to structure your emails in a unique manner that will enhance the interest of that potential client. Visuals matter the most in this regard. Ensure that the photos and images you use in your email marketing are impactful and persuasive.

5. Offer Video Tutorials

Videos are more efficient for your website visitors and potential clients than any reading material. They generally prefer content that demands less work on their part. Tutorials make it convenient for clients to understand the product and how it works much better.

video tutorials

Reading a guideline associated with the product makes it difficult for the client to utilize the product. His imagination alone will not be enough. Once you have made your videos, it is best to share those videos on your own YouTube channel or any other social media site related to your business. Much like your reading content, you need to ensure that your videos are as friendly, understandable and relatable for the client.

In Conclusion

Some of these methods may take up a considerable amount of your time. But that makes them all the more necessary to increase your traffic and sales. You simply need to invest more time in your creativity and ensure that it materializes accordingly.

Good luck!