Basic Brands Inc.

Shopify Theme Design, Subscription Migration & Custom Development


Basic Brands has a long history of offering the most innovative vitamins and supplements, seeking to achieve one goal – to reduce the confusion surrounding which supplements are important and which are best for a specific need. Basic Brands strives to simplify the process of creating your vitamin and supplement routine.

The Problem

Having three different underperforming webstores was not meeting the Basic Brands mission of simplifying and reducing confusion around customers finding the right vitamin and supplement routine. Managing customers on different websites across different platforms was not only confusing for customers, but also a strain on internal resources which was not scalable.

Additionally, offering nuanced subscription offerings and wholesale to unique segments of the existing customer base was a requirement needing to be overhauled.

The Problem

The Solution

Basic Brands teamed up with Electric Eye to consolidate their three separate web experiences into a single optimized, custom Shopify theme which was appropriate for their predominantly older demographic. In unifying the websites, existing subscription customers needed to be seamlessly migrated from Wordpress onto Shopify from the disparate stores.

Also, with their thriving wholesale and private label business, Basic Brands needed custom solutions to simplify things end-to-end. Initially, the registration process was streamlined and made entirely digital. Next, theme customizations were carried out to provide a solution to conditionally show particular products and discounts based on specific wholesale or private label customer segments. This gave a unique and tailored experience for each customer segment in a scalable solution. Lastly, for wholesale and private label fulfillment, customers needed to be restricted to buying by factors of six. A solution for this restriction was custom coded directly into the theme.

Ultimately, with all requirements met, the foundation was laid for Basic Brands to scale their growth with unique customizations to conduct business on their terms.


To ensure UX was clear and intuitive in making subscription purchases, customizations were implemented over and above out-of-the-box functionality powered by Recharge. Specifically, with Basic Brands offering products in different sizes, it required the customized functionality for each size to be available at correct ordering intervals. Utilizing variant metafields, the Electric Eye team was able to implement an effective solution to conditionally show the correct options.

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