Camp High

Shopify Theme Design & Automated Email Marketing

Electric Eye worked efficiently and effectively to streamline our user experience without killing the vibe of our site or email marketing. They understand how to make improvements without compromising brand values.

Martin Weiland, Head Counselor


From clear days, long nights and inspirational friends to positive vibes, deep cuts, and road trips... what if all that could manifest into fresh and cozy clothing?

Camp High pieces are exactly what we want and what we’ve been missing. Oversize silhouettes, unexpected details, fresh colors, heady graphics and most of all, super soft yarns... these are the perfect pieces to live in for day, night, whatever.

Camp High comes nice and easy. We’re not focused on a fashion timeline or over-produced anything. We’re just going to make really unique and premium products that work for your lifestyle and when we nail it we’ll drop it.

Most importantly, we want you to be with us through it all. Follow us, throw us ideas and inspiration, hang with us, and live the fun, free and cozy life through our creations.

The Problem

Camp High was experiencing success in their grassroots marketing efforts and already had in place a unique website design. The layout of the website, while aesthetically pleasing to their customers, lacked some basic functionality that is important for UX flow. Customers had some difficulty finding the products they were looking for and checking out due to lack of navigation structure and button sizing. Additionally, Automated Email Marketing was under-utilized and email designs were not optimized for mobile devices.

The Problem

The Solution

Electric Eye worked closely with Camp High to audit the user experience and ensure customers could find what they were looking for. We restructured the product data and executed custom development to optimize their Shopify theme. Small design tweaks were carefully carried out to make sure the site remained unique, but easy to shop. Automated Email Marketing was revamped with new designs and a thoughtful, on-brand approach to capture and convert first time visitors into email subscribers and from email subscribers into customers. The improvements lead to a measured increase in conversion rate.

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