Camp High

Automated Email & SMS Marketing


Camp High is about higher learning, higher living, higher positivity, and operating on a higher plane. Their products are designed to make you feel happy, elevated, and part of something and somewhere bigger.

At Camp High, wonder is always in session and you are always invited.

The Problem

Camp High was experiencing success in their grassroots marketing efforts and already had in place a unique website design. However, their Automated Email Marketing was under-utilized and email designs were not optimized for mobile devices.

The Solution

Capturing the uniqueness of Camp High's brand and translating their web experience to email and SMS was a welcomed challenge. The existing automated email setup had been attempted by another agency and was underperforming. The poor execution only included a bare minimum of emails and proved to not even be optimized for mobile users, which comprised the core demographic.

The Camp High team entrusted Electric Eye to interpret their aesthetic into the critical touch-points with their email subscribers. Powered by Klaviyo, a much more robust and thoughtful approach to automated emails ensured subscribers were properly nurtured to strike a delicate balance between their playful content and sales. A Welcome Series, Abandoned Cart Emails, Winback Emails, among many others were all skillfully employed and expanded into SMS to be highly effective while also remaining on-brand.

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