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Drawing on more than a decade of experience working with Dennis Anderson, the renowned driver of the Grave Digger monster truck, Jared Alderson founded Kill Devil Diesel in 2017. Specializing in remanufacturing and producing components for diesel truck engines, Kill Devil Diesel's reputation lies at the top of the industry.

The Problem

Owing to their renown, Kill Devil Diesel had no shortage of demand or making sales on their custom engine components. Rather, their primary challenge was first to have an online presence that helped match the quality of their products. Secondarily, Kill Devil Diesel sought to modernize their online store so users could more readily find products with shorter lead times.

The Solution

Electric Eye partnered with Kill Devil Diesel to overhaul and redesign their Shopify store. Upgrading to a Shopify Online Store 2.0 compatible theme made the site easy to manage and update on the fly. With an intuitive UX to improve the customer experience, users could now easily navigate the reconfigured menus or search and filter with the newly added Smart Search capabilities.

Ongoing optimization focused on Automated Email Marketing with Klaviyo, implemented to help guide customers through their journey.

"I've really enjoyed the working relationship with Electric Eye, steadily and methodically moving through our needs and making progress, much of which has been long overdue for years now."

- Jared Alderson, Owner

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