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PoolandSpaSale.com is the online store of Leisure Works, an exclusive Master Spas Factory Direct Dealer based in Ann Arbor, Michigan since 2001. PoolandSpaSale specializes in Master Spas hot tubs, Michael Phelps swim spas, and all the products you need to care for your hot tub or swim spa at the lowest prices on the internet.

The Problem

Though hot tubs and swim spa sales were doing great business at retail locations, for the longevity of the product, upkeep and maintenance required owners to make repeat purchases on filters and chemicals. In 2018, LeisureWorks sought out a Shopify Partner to help bring their consumable products online and make the purchasing process easy on customers.

The Solution

Electric Eye partnered with PoolandSpaSale to bring their Shopify site to fruition. The store was outfitted with subscriptions to automate customer repeat purchases and boost the lifetime customer value. Also, a loyalty rewards program was built out to incentivize customers and build relationships. Automated Email and SMS Marketing was implemented to ensure all of the critical touchpoints with customers kept them engaged and funneled them through the customer journey.

Keeping a close relationship since the initial site launch, PoolandSpaSale re-engaged with Electric Eye in 2023 to carry out updates that would ensure the online store was up to date with the latest suite of features offered. The store was re-themed to be Online Store 2.0 compatible. This now provided the ability to add sections on any page, integrate apps through app blocks, and improved page speed by virtue of the new page template architecture. Additionally, Recharge, powering subscriptions, was migrated to the latest version to fully integrate with the Shopify checkout.

"I have been in business for nearly 20 years, and very few companies I have hired in that time have performed as well as Electric Eye. They have knowledgeable staff, and our project was delivered on time and on budget. Electric Eye has exceeded my expectations, and I look forward to working with them again."

- Kreg Hasse, Owner

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