Testing AI Generated Product Descriptions

At Electric Eye, clients sometimes ask us to help write their product descriptions. We probably aren't the best people to actually write the copy, considering that we don't have as much knowledge of the products as our clients do. We typically provide a template to start with and strongly encourage clients to complete it for every single product they sell.

Product descriptions can be a daunting task for busy merchants, but I've been playing around with Shopify's new AI generated product description tool and think it's pretty neat overall. As always with new technology, there is some room for improvement. I walk through my experience in the video below

Using ChatGPT, I was able to get a much longer, detailed description, and also get it to write in the format I wanted. Watch me do that in this video.

These features are groundbreaking, time-saving, and a must for merchants that struggle to produce product descriptions. However, there are some limitations and will likely be a starting point rather than a total solution. I'm pretty confident that the tool will improve greatly over time.

Our template from the ChatGPT video:

Product Title
Include a short paragraph here that includes descriptive information about who made the product, what inspired creating it, obstacles overcome to create it, how it was tested. Appeal to imagination, use technical details and entice with benefits.

  • Benefit 1
  • Benefit 2
  • Benefit 3
  • Size/material/dimensions/care instructions