Do You Have These Shopify SEO Basics in Place?

When we launched our new website for Electric Eye, and someone on our team noticed that we hadn’t finished entering some of the basic SEO info on the Shopify backend. We’ll be completely candid here and tell you that we didn’t really have it in our website build process. Why would we admit to you, as a potential client, that we didn’t really have our shit together?  Because, we can all learn from our mistakes, improve the process and push forward.

The topic of SEO within the Shopify ecosystem is bit contentious. There are great SEO consultants, apps, and youtube guides to name just a few resources on the subject. Some of the advice is great, some of it borderline misinformation. We’ll keep things super simple for you. There is no need to seek out how to make your Shopify site more ‘seo-friendly’ if you don’t have the absolute BASICS already in place.

Out of the box, Shopify has the following fields available to enter Keywords:

  • Page Titles
  • Meta Descriptions
  • ALT tags
  • Body Content

Now, go to your Shopify backend and find each of these fields. Have you thoughtfully entered keywords for EVERY single page, product listing, product image, collection, and blog post? If you do, congrats, you are in a small majority. If not, just keep it simple, start here and go to town. Get into the good habit now, so that when you start blogging and producing more content it’s just second nature. Google will love you. You will sell more.

You should also consider optimizing your site structure  and submitting your sitemap to google.

Now, the truth is we DO recommend these best practices to our clients, but we don’t necessarily do all the work for them when we build a site. While they could potentially hire us to help, it’s usually better to come from their own thoughts and understanding of the brand and product. We will, however, make it more clear moving forward that SEO best practices should always be followed.