Why We Used Shopify for Our Agency Website

Yippee, we launched our new website for Electric Eye… this time on Shopify. Now, you might ask why we decided to build on Shopify, since we are technically an agency providing services and not a traditional ecommerce brand. The short answer is that Shopify is the platform we are most familiar with, and we were able to bring the website to market much faster and more affordably than hiring a developer and learning a brand new CMS. We were dangerously close to choosing Webflow, but it’s increasingly more difficult for these old dogs to learn new tricks.

Additionally, we think that Shopify is getting closer to being a solution for more than just ecommerce, whether they are trying or not. Recent upgrades make handling content and blogging way more flexible, think Wordpress. 'Sections everywhere' is a huge improvement for drag and drop style website building, think Squarespace. The app store solves almost any shortcomings you might run into with the platform. We’re able to have our agency site on Shopify, reap the benefits of its competitors, and we don’t even sell anything on it.

It used to be that any time someone asked where they should host their informational websites, we’d suggest other platforms and refer them to a trusted partner. We’re not necessarily saying that Shopify is for everyone, but it works great for us at this moment. It would be interesting to see if Shopify opens its software up to a larger audience as a method to continue its growth as a company.

Our previous site was built custom by our developer, but ultimately we wanted something that we could easily update quickly ourselves so we can be more efficient. We utilized a Shopify 2.0 theme called Baseline, built by our partner Switch Themes. They make super design-focused themes and have managed to do some really creative things with simple Shopify sections. Our font, Founders Grotesk by Klim foundry is elegant and simple, but with enough character to stand out. We opted to keep the design minimal with little customization. There was a slight update to our case studies, as we are trying to highlight some of our more recent successes.

We also tried to make sure that the copy reflects what we do in a very clear, simple way. Hopefully, it conveys that we do just a few things really well; Design, Development, and Optimization. We love building websites first and foremost. If you already have a website and want to make constant improvements, or just have a team of super-knowledgable Shopify experts to maintain it, we might also be a good fit. We’ve also done some complicated migrations and can move you over to Shopify carefully and confidently.